Integrated Pest Management App.

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Benefit: Reduce the amount you spend on Crop Protections Chemicals by 30-40-50% and more.



Fertyle’s app provides step-by-step guidance to ensure scouts collect quality data every time. Better scouting, better results and better savings.



Improve your forecasting. App runs biological models to provide partial spraying strategies for your crops against pests, disease and weeds.



Let the app guide you in the field. Apply inputs only when and where truly necessary, saving time and money.

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Fertyle™ is a project for farmers, by farmers, agronomers, programmers, designers and data scientists. We are located in Brazil, Russia, United States, India and Japan. Our mission is to help farmers make agriculture sustainable, safe, and profitable.


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We have put you on the wait list and will notify you with details how to get started and make savings shortly. The Fertyle App is continuously being upgraded to include more crops and regions. Thanks for your patience, we’ll keep you posted!